Management of Private Information - Our Way of Thinking About Private Information –

In order to protect and manage private information adequately, Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (hereafter referred to as the association) lays down the following privacy policy with full understanding of the importance of private information and makes efforts for thorough protection of private information.

Acquisition of Private Information

  • Private information will be acquired and used within a limited range necessary for fair business activities and for providing services of the association.
  • In addition, when private information is going to be acquired by the association, the purpose of use will be clearly defined beforehand and it will not be used for the purpose other than the original intent.

Purpose of Use of Private Information

  • Acquired private information will be used for preparation and circulation of a list of names, preparation and delivery of invitation note in connection with operation (including trade shows) executed by the association, provision of information and delivery of document to the members, and accompanying services within a limited range of the purpose.
  • Additionally, acquired private information may be used as data subjected to statistical processing and unidentifiable to individuals.

Provision to Third Parties

  • With the exception of donors’ consent being obtained, or of mandates based on laws, private information obtained by the association will not be provided to third parties.
  • However, processing of donors’ private information obtained may be consigned to a subcontract enterprise having a reliable system for protection of private information and a contract made for strict protection of private information between the consignee and the association.

Right of Donors

  • When amendment, deregistration and disclosure of the aforementioned private information are asked for by the donors, immediate response to those matters will be made by the association.


  • For ensuring security of private information, the association will take sufficient measures against risk, such as illegal access, leak, falsification and destruction.

Continuous Review of Private Information

  • The association will not only observe laws for handling private information and other regulations but also continuously review the details of the privacy policy for proper improvement.

Where to Call for Amendment, Deregistration and Disclosure:

  • Japan Bakery and Confectionery Machinery Manufacturers’ Association
  • TEL 03-6673-4333
  • E-mail